Being discharged from a hospital can be a challenge for anyone, but for seniors, it can be particularly stressful. One can be too weak to perform necessary everyday tasks like making oneself a meal, taking a shower, or getting dressed. If a senior has undergone a surgery there is a high risk of a getting injured again – he or she may trip on something and fall, lift a heavy object and get injured, or drop a pot with boiling water and get burned. About almost 1/4 of patients are readmitted to a hospital. Moreover, one has to keep track of numerous follow-up appointments with various specialists and take the right amount of prescribed medications at the right time, which can be pretty confusing and complicated when one is still recovering from an illness.

Our specially trained staff will help you overcome post-hospitalization challenges.  Attentive and compassionate caregivers will assist you or your family member with daily errands, grooming, and hygiene to make your recovery effortless, safe, and pleasant.

We will make sure that you won’t miss any of your pills, and we will help you to schedule a doctor appointment and provide you with transportation to get there.

Urgent Home Care staff has experience with all kinds of recovery assistance, including cancer, stroke, and surgery recovery – we guarantee that your unique individual needs will be met.